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Review of Scrumptious Independence

About the Book

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

And so is Beth’s cooking! It’s a good thing, too. After a lifetime of her family’s smothering embrace, a whole new world opens to her with the passing of her beloved grandmother.

Armed with an inheritance she never expected and orders on how to use it, Beth sets off for Merriweather Island and fulfillment of a lifetime of dreams.

Or so she hopes.

What she didn’t hope for was what most women would—a man who fills her thoughts at the most wonderfully unwelcome times. She doesn’t have time or space for a relationship, but how do you tell love to just go away?

Of course, starting over in a new place is never easy, especially as an outsider in a small community. Add to that a mayor who has her dander up and a woman bound to make her life miserable, is it any wonder that Beth begins to doubt God’s and Gram’s plans?

With her heart betraying her resolve and challenges to her faith, Beth finds it takes bravery she didn’t know she had to discover just how scrumptious independence can be.

This “Merriweather book” is the second in a new series featuring five islands, six authors, and a boatload of happily-ever-afters.

The Independence Island Series: beach reads aren’t just for summer anymore.

Lisa Renee's Review

Make sure you’ve eaten before you read this

The delicious food descriptions do make you hungry!

I loved this sweet and clean romance novel. The concept of the islands and way of life was the perfect setting. The characters, especially Scott, are easily loveable. The book length was just right, didn’t drag on, but not too short. The story had a satisfying ending. As it’s in a series, you can look forward to seeing the characters return along with new heroes.

This reads well as a stand alone, but I’m loving the whole series and the connections of various characters with the different islands. Each author will release 5 novels in total, one every 6 months. But as there are 5 authors and the lead, Chautona Havig, you can read one a month. Brilliant idea!

Dual Power of Convenience: Merriweather Island (Independence Islands Book 1) is also out on Kindle Unlimited.

Click here to purchase. On Kindle Unlimited too!

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About the Author

Melissa Wardwell resides in Owosso, Michigan with her husband Jonathan, three children, a cat, and two pitbulls. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, having coffee with friends, and spending quality time with her husband kayaking and fishing. Melissa likes to joke about the voices in her head, but it is those voices have inspired her to write several romance novels such as “I Know the Plans” (a story based in her hometown of Owosso) and “Finding Hope in Savannah”. When she is not penning works of fiction, she is busy reviewing books on her blog, Back Porch Reads.

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