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Love to Reconcile, The Heart of the Father

Ann Lindholm is the wife of a former US Army Ranger (Her hero) and mother of four children and one son-in-law. She homeschools her three younger children and is a full-time homemaker and a very part-time companion sitter for hospice.

Ann also walks in inner healing and deliverance ministry with other ladies and couples. She founded a ministry called Damascus Report, where she shares bible lessons and ministry for the broken and those desiring a deeper relationship with Jesus. She is a devout follower of Jesus Christ and attempts to be led by the Spirit in all that she does. Although she is far from having arrived, she has learned a great deal through personal life experiences.

Ann became an unwed mother at age nineteen. She has experienced some personal trauma in her life that she has had to overcome emotionally and spiritually. She raised her children for twelve years while her husband was deployed or away at training much of the time, faithfully serving our great nation. She grew up Roman Catholic and gave her life completely to Christ at the age of twenty-one. Her salvation experience was dramatic and life-changing. It is from these experiences and her personal relationship and growth with the Lord that she passionately writes and yearns to share the love of Jesus with whomever will listen.

Ann can be found at: and on Facebook: @AuthorAnnLindholm; Linked-in: Ann Lindholm.

Ann’s newest release: Love to Reconcile, The Heart of the Father can be purchased through her site:

Are you a murderer? Are you living a homosexual lifestyle? Have you had sex outside of marriage? Have you had an abortion? Are you addicted to drugs or alcohol? Are you a workaholic? Have you cheated on your spouse? Is it hard for you to imagine that any god could forgive your past? No matter what sin you have committed God loves you and desires to be reconciled to you.

Love to Reconcile reveals:

· The heart of the Father for His children.

· How we can receive forgiveness from God

· How our personal relationship can be healed through reconciliation.

If any of your relationships are strained, this book is for you! If you feel distant from God, this book is for you! If you are breathing, this book is for you!

About Ann

Where are you from?

I am from Fort Worth, Texas. We were stationed on the east coast for over nine years, then we moved back to Texas, and now we live in the central part of the US.

If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Disciple of Jesus.

What's your favorite country (not counting your own)?

Israel is my favorite country! I pray I can go there soon and spend at least a month there, alone.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I am a “murderer set free!” My record has been completely expunged and I will be discussing this in one of my upcoming books! It is not what you may be thinking though (teaser).

What are your favorite hobbies and activities outside writing and reading?

Serving my family and brothers and sisters in Christ and worshiping Jesus are my favorite things (This sounds like a Christmas song). I love praise and worship! We have a surround sound system with a lot of boom in our basement, I go down there and crank up the worship music and get lost in his presence! The neighbors happen to get blessed by the music too.

About Your Writing

What genre do you write? Christian, non-fiction is what I am writing in presently. Formerly, I did I lot of counter-terrorism investigative research and political policy research and exposure.

What inspired you to start writing? My desire to share the love and heart of the Father is what inspired me to begin writing.

What's your favorite part of the writing process? What's your least favorite?

My favorite part of the writing process is allowing Holy Spirit to flow through my fingers and onto the pages so that others can see the Father’s heart and be led into relationship with Him. My least favorite part of writing, especially publishing a book, is waiting on other people to finish their tasks when you are ready to go to printing or launching an ebook live. You are so ready to get it out there, but these other tasks must be completed so you have to be patient and pray!

What would you like readers to say about your books?

I would like to hear that my readers are affected by the words of my books and thus, led into deeper relationship with the Lord and into reconciliation with people in their life where there has been broken relationships.

What book inspires you to be a better writer? The Bible is the first and foremost book that inspires me te be a better writer. I pray that I will deliver the truth, divided rightly. I pray that my words will inpsire others to see the heart of the Father and to desire relationshiop with him. I pray that my books always point to Jesus.

What is the best writing advice that someone has shared with you? The best advice I have received is to hire an editor and book cover designer.

About Christian Writing

What’s your inspiration for writing Christian fiction or non-fiction? My inspiration is sharing the love of Jesus Christ with others and how his love for me has transformed my life. How does your faith impact your writing? My faith and personal Saul-to-Paul transformation is what inspires me to write. I desire that others will see that there is no sin too big for the blood of Jesus and that no one has to continue living in sin or being condemned by the Accuser. Everyone can experience true spiritual freedom here on earth and then lead others into the same.

Who are three of your favorite Christian authors? Three of my favorite Christian authors are A.W. Tozer, Arthur Wallace, and Lou Engle. (Am I really limited to just three?) How many years have you been writing? What advice would you give to someone before they wrote their first book? I have been writing for over twelve years. I have just published my first book and already have three more in the works. I would advice anyone who has a desire to write to spend lots of personal, intimate time with the Beautiful One. Get alone with Jesus in the throne room, pray, sing and dance before his throne, and just sit and listen to what he wants to tell your heart. Let him minister to you. Ask for Holy Spirit to open your eyes and ears to see what God is doing around you, adjust your life and partner with him. By doing this, the words will just flow onto the pages with the story that he wants to tell through your life testimony. Don’t be concerned with following manmade rules, listen to the heart and message of the Father, and follow his lead. You may break some traditional rules, but Father knows best, do it his way.

What’s one mistake you’ve learned when producing your book(s) that you could tell other writers how to avoid the same pitfall?

The Foreward of a book is spelled with an “e.” Don’t leave the “e” out. It is not “forward,” rather, “foreward.” This is an embarrassing mistake I made and not I or anyone else who edited my book picked up on this! Lol. And yes, it got corrected, after quite a few e-books were sold, so…that’s embarrassing.

Tell us about your next work in progress. I am super excited about several books that are in the works right now; however, the one closest to completion is going to be a super fantastic, practical book for all ladies, from young to old! I will be sharing my experience, knowledge and tips on the very important, but seemingly forgotten, godly role of “Housewife.” Ladies, you will not want to miss this one! Plus, there is going to be a super fun surprise included at the end of the book. This alone will be worth it! People have offered to pay me for some of what will be in the end!

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