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Author Interview with Derek Tye

About Derek

Where are you from?

Cincinnati Ohio

If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Loyal, Ambitious, Christian

What's your favourite country (not counting your own)?

St Kits

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I can juggle

What are your favorite hobbies and activities outside writing and reading?

Playing volleyball, riding ATV's and dirt bikes around my farm

About Your Writing

What genre do you write?

Christian Business

What inspired you to start writing?

I feel like God gave me a unique calling to minister to Christian Entrepreneurs

What's your favourite part of the writing process? What's your least favourite?

I hate the writing part. I like the talking part.

Is there a common theme to your books? What is it?

First book so far, my future books should also be about entrepreneurship and

the Kingdom of God

What would you like readers to say about your books?

Inspiring and feel a deeper sense of purpose now

Are you part of a critique group either online or in person, or have a critique partner? Where are they from? How did you connect with them?

100X Publishing, Krista Dunk

What book inspires you to be a better writer?

Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

What is the best writing advice that someone has shared with you?             

Let the Holy Spirit guide your words and inspire you

About Christian Writing

What’s your favourite Christian genre to read?

On the kingdom, like Myles Munroe

How does your faith impact your writing?

It is everything to me

Who are three of your favorite Christian authors?

Myles Munroe, John Maxwell, Stephen Furtick

How many years have you been writing? What advice would you give to someone before they wrote their first book?

First book.  I would tell someone to just get it done and stop thinking about it!

What’s one mistake you’ve learned when producing your book(s) that you could tell other writers how to avoid the same pitfall?

Too too long to get it finished.  I wish I would have done it sooner but it was in God’s timing

What marketing strategy has worked best for you so far?

Ask Friends and family to buy it and have them share it with their network

Tell us about your next work in progress.

I want to write a book on Vision, how we can achieve our purpose through proper vision



How does the Lord’s Prayer apply to your business? Do you desire to combine your faith and work? In The Lord’s Prayer for Entrepreneurs, learn how to:  -Implement Kingdom principles as an entrepreneur  -Honor God with your business  -Set priorities to counterbalance work and home life  -Develop a Kingdom mindset for ultimate success

“Derek shares simple, personal and actionable insights that readers can truly take to heart and put to use. Derek’s journey is an encouraging reminder that God multiplies our efforts as we co-create with Him to redeem a fallen world.” —Chuck Proudfit, At Work on Purpose “Derek has written a book that encourages and equips entrepreneurs who want to be Kingdom entrepreneurs. He understands that your Kingdom business is your ministry.” —Jim Baker, Pastor, “The Lord’s Prayer for Entrepreneurs is a magnificent launch pad for anyone who desires to jump into true Kingdom entrepreneurship.” —Dr. Jim Harris, Author, Dynatos Global 

"My personal mission is to build, inspire and love people to live up to their God-given calling and live life to the fullest." —Derek Tye  Derek Tye is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, and real estate business owner in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area. For more information, visit: and

My name is Derek Tye. I am a Kingdom Entrepreneur. God has been working on me for my entire life on my unique mission, value and purpose. I truly believe I have been specifically called to help Christian business owners get breakthrough in life and business and become Kingdom Entrepreneurs.  

My personal Mission Statement is too build, inspire and love people to live up to their God-given calling and live life to the fullest. The tool that you will be using through me is group and individual coaching/ consulting. I am an Expansion member of the 100x Acceleration Community and Mastermind Group, with some of the top Kingdom Entrepreneurs in the WORLD! I have also achieved some success in the real estate business.

Also, after spending over $1,000,000.00 on my own businesses I can tell you what NOT to do! I will be offering you unique insights on the kingdom of God to help you achieve breakthrough.

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