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COVID Diaries Short Stories BOOK LAUNCH


Jul 20, 2020 Naomi Craig rated it "It was amazing 5 stars"

5 things from COVID Diaries: Christian Short Fiction Stories

1) Riley is a teacher who struggles with her anxiety and reconnects with her high school sweetheart (Finding Love in Lockdown)

2) The unthinkable piles on Jocelyn as if a worldwide pandemic wasn't bad enough. (Fear No More)

3) The volunteers at Jemma's dog rescue are all stranded at home, leaving her with only Murray to help run the place (Stray Dog Love)

4) Jen's customers offer her hope for no apparent reason (No Better Time)

5) All stories provided a timely message for trusting God in the midst of chaos

I loved the evangelistic theme spread throughout! What a neat collection of stories!

Jul 20, 2020 Dennis Johnson rated it It was amazing 5 stars

These are all short and easy to read stories that take place during this current time that our world is facing together. The one common theme throughout each story is the hope and belief in a loving God. I had never read any books by these authors and each story had it's own unique story and characters. I had no preference of one over the other, but I did find them uplifting - (especially in an environment where I don't do much other than get up and make it through another day until some type of cure or vaccine is developed or we get a national mandate of security because I am in the highest risk group)

I received an ARC copy of this book, but this is my voluntary and honest review with my own personal opinions.


Jul 22, 2020 Trudy Cordle rated it Really liked it

This is a neat collection of stories!! By far my favorite story is Love in Lockdown by Joy Copeland. This one was great! Thanks to a "wrong" number, Grant reconnects with his high school love, Riley. Now, nothing, not her anxiety, not corona virus, can keep them apart! There's no shame for a Christian needing to take medication for anxiety, and this story puts that into perspective. I have friends that deal with anxiety, and I'll be recommending this to book to them!

Jenny rated it Really liked it

This book includes four delightful and heart-warming stories to help while away the time in isolation or fill in a cosy afternoon’s reading. While all are written in a unique way, and all highlight the challenges of living through the restrictions of a Pandemic, there are some unexpected twists and pleasant surprises along the way. A pleasant read.

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