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Christian Fantasy Author Interview with Shawn Lamb

About You

Where are you from? (Or where do you live?)

I live in Nashville, Tennessee with my husband of 35 years. We met at church. We shared a love of writing and a good story. In fact, we both wrote for children’s television during the 1980s. He worked on “He-Man” and “She-Ra”, while I wrote for “BraveStarr.”

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

At age 19, I became one of the first female EMTs in the city of St. Petersburg, Florida. In the late 1970s, the EMS program was just getting started in many cities across the country. When I moved to California, I worked in a level 1 trauma center until I got married in 1985.

What are your favorite hobbies and activities outside writing and reading?

Recently, I started oil painting, which is very relaxing.

About Your Writing

What genre do you write?

I write in 2 genres: Christian fantasy, and historical fiction. Most of my books are fantasy.

What inspired you to start writing?

My daughter requested a story when she was 13. She’s 32 now. Back then, there weren’t many good, clean fantasy books. She enjoyed “Narnia”, and “Lord of The Rings”.

She told her friends about this new “book”. Intrigued, they came to ask me questions about the story. Those discussions turned personal, as many of them were immigrants. They didn’t understand Americans or the Christian faith. This became a witnessing opportunity, as their biggest struggle, was a lack of “hope” for the future. I became prompted to expand the original book into a series, and always include hope wrapped in faith.

Where are your books set?

Allon is a fantasy kingdom that combines Elizabethan England and the New Testament. There are Twelve Provinces, with a noble from each composing the Council of Twelve which helps the king.

Mortals and immortal Guardians populate the kingdom. Guardians are representative of angels, created to serve Jor’el (God) and mortals.

What's your favorite part of the writing process? What's your least favorite?

Favor part – writing. Least – that I have to do everything. Writing, editing, book design, publishing, promotion, website, newsletter. It can get overwhelming at times.

Is there a common theme to your books? What is it?

There are 2 themes: the testing of mortal faith, and a visual representation of spiritual warfare. I use Guardians and Shadow Warriors to illustrate this concept. Guardians are good, while Shadow Warrior represent “The Dark Way”. Guardians freely interact with mortals, but not always permitted to intervene.

What book inspires you to be a better writer?

I spent 3 years with Jerry Jenkins’ Christian Writers Guild. This was an intense period of study. My real growth came from being tutored by an author with over 30 books in both the general and Christian markets. That relationship taught me more than any book.

About Christian Writing

What’s your inspiration for writing Christian fiction or non-fiction?

What began as an “inspiration” for my daughter, turned into a responsibility. I felt compelled to deal honestly with teen issues, yet dignified. It became important to show the proper relationship between men and women, the involvement of family, and faith.

How does your faith impact your writing?

Faith keeps me humble and accountable. Although my daughter asked for a book, my main audience is God. He knows me, so I strive to maintain a clear conscience. Just because I put on my creative writing hat doesn’t mean Biblical principles are placed aside. According to Scripture, we’re to do everything as unto the Lord.

How many years have you been writing? What advice would you give to someone before they wrote their first book?

I began writing in the 1980s, so it’s been decades. My advice for a new author, count the cost, and be ready for the long haul. Being an author can be rewarding, but also hard work. Be familiar with all other parts of the job – cover design, editing, typesetting, e-books, marketing, promotion.

What marketing strategy has worked best for you so far?

For over a decade, we have been guests at live events; homeschool conventions, book festivals, comic conventions. Fan loyalty is amazing due to personal interaction. There are families that still follow me since my first book in 2009. I can’t express my gratitude for their support. It’s humbling and encouraging at the same time.

Tell us about your next work in progress.

Right now, I’m working on “Trader of Eldar”, a sequel to last year’s book “Son of Eldar”. This is a new Christian fantasy series. It’s scheduled for release in August 2020.

Bio: Shawn Lamb is an award-winning author and screenwriter. She began her career writing for “BraveStarr”, a 1980s syndicated cartoon. With 22 books, she travels the country as guest speakers at homeschool events, book festival, and comic conventions.

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