Editing Services

Wouldn't it be great to have an affordable editor when you've just finished your first or second manuscript?

At The Collaborative Press, we've come up with a solution. You can select to have 10,000 word submission at a time. This way, you can break down the cost as you go along. 

We have Christian editors that have kindly offered their services, through The Collaborative Press, for Christian fiction or non-fiction at an excellent price of $85US per 10,000 word count.

We can offer two sample one chapter edits from two different editors, so you can see the level of service you will receive, and pick who you'd like to work with.

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Darrell Ferguson  recommends The Collaborative Press.

I was a little hesitant at first about the Collaborative Press because they charge significantly less than other editors. But the free sample convinced me to move ahead.

The result is two-fold. First, my novel is far better than it was before the edits. And second, I believe I'm a much more skilled writer. The money I spent was worth it for the education alone.