COVID -19 Fiction Contest

Sponsored by The Collaborative Press

Let's use this opportunity to bless readers with faith-filled fiction

that will encourage them through these uncertain times.

We are looking for authors who would like to write a short story

showing how their characters handle the Coronavirus situation

within their community and homes.

We will combine the best ten stories into an eBook.

We will leave the creative ideas up to you, but it would be wonderful

to have a few countries represented. If you have a premise you'd like

to check with us first before starting your story, feel free to email us.

The second goal of this competition is to help authors build on their

existing platform. Each winner will have their author bio and website

link published in the final eBook.






Enter your flash fiction/short story between 2,500 to 7,500 words.
Eligibility: Contest is open to published and unpublished authors. Authors may submit only unpublished, manuscripts that will remain unpublished until the contest has concluded.


Contest Timeline:

  • March 31st, 2020 - Contest Opens

  • May 15, 2020 - Entry Deadline

  • May 30, 2020 - Winners notified via email. Announced on The Collaborative Press website and social media.

  • June 15, 2020 - Editing process commences.

  • July 30, 2020 – Collaborated promotional eBook published. This date may vary if there are delays in authors meeting deadlines with the editorial team.


  • Contemporary General Christian Fiction: This can include women’s fiction, romance, sweet romance, and general fiction.


  • The first place recipient will receive $100 US via PayPal.

  • The second place recipient will receive $75 US via PayPal.

  • Up to eight(8)* finalists will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. *We have a maximum of ten winner placements for industry-standard submissions. If we do not receive enough quality entries, the final publication will contain fewer stories. Only those that have their story published in the collaborated eBook will receive a prize.

  • All finalists will have their short story published in a combined eBook with their author bio and website link.

  • You will reserve the copyright to your individual story and may publish elsewhere, but agree to allow The Collaborative Press to publish your short story via our combined eBook and/or paperback. No royalties will be paid as this will NOT be a profit-earning project. The eBook will be priced at 99 cents so it can be on Amazon and most often will be FREE via Book Funnel promotions. It will be used to bless readers with faith-filled literature and hopefully lead readers to the authors other eBooks through their websites. Any remaining funds after editing and graphic design costs will go into promotion such as blog tours. A contract agreeing to these outlines will be signed by author and The Collaborative Press beforehand.

  • Every entry will be reviewed by our editorial team.

  • We will not be providing feedback and score sheets, since we do not rely on volunteers but pay contracted editors.

  • The finalists will receive a line edit before publication.

Before you submit your entry:

  • Your story will need an engaging opening line and first paragraph to catch our editorial team’s attention. We are looking for industry-standard manuscripts, not first draft quality. Although, finalists will have their story professionally edited, do not rely on this to get into the final round.

  • Make sure your manuscript is free from grammatical and spelling errors.

  • Be mindful to avoid filter words such as: thought, decided, felt, watched, realized, wondered, believed, etc. Avoid passive voice sentences when possible.

  • We prefer 3rd person deep POV

  • Follow our formatting guidelines for submissions.

Submission Checklist:

  • Contest fee: $15 via PayPal. (Each entry must be accompanied by the entry fee.)

  • Minimum 2500 word count and a maximum 7500 words. The short story or scene will need to have a satisfying ending or conclusion. We are looking for uplifting, clean Christian Fiction.

  • Submissions should be in standard manuscript format.

  • 1" margins.

  • Double-spaced.

  • 12 pt Times New Roman font.

  • This should be approx. 25 lines per page.

  • In the header section, include title and page number.

  • Your name must ONLY appear on the entry form and not on any manuscript page. If authors name(s) appear on the entry pages, the entry will be disqualified and the entry fee will be forfeited.

  • Save your documents in .DOC or .DOCX format.

  • Send all entries to thecollaborativepress [@]

For all questions, please use the contact form through or thecollaborativepress [@]

The contest coordinator,  Lisa Renee will respond in a timely manner.

Use the ENTRY FORM link below
After you submit the entry form, email your manuscript and send your $15 entry fee via PayPal to thecollaborativepress{@} or PayPal.Me/collaborativepress

You will receive an email to confirm that we have received your entry.

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