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Love in Lockdown, Joi Copeland
Being a germaphobe during a global pandemic sent Riley Smith's anxiety level to new heights. Receiving a text she thought was from her brother, Riley confides in him regarding her anxiety attacks. Realizing the person on the other end of the phone is not her brother, Riley comes face to face with her past.

Stray Dog Love, Rebekah Rodda
Jemma is just coping with working full-time and managing her volunteer-run stray dog sanctuary in the country of Georgia. Then the coronavirus hits, causing her school to shut down and her all her staff to leave except for one: Murray. He’s fun to be around with a faith she finds intriguing but he’s only planning to stay for a few short weeks. Will Jemma ever find someone who loves her and the dogs enough to stick around?

Fear No More, Sara Beth Williams
Growing up together, Jocelyn's brother's best friend Brent was nothing short of obnoxious. Now they're older and he's still obnoxious, but also incredibly handsome and alluring. If only he would stay in town longer than two days.
When they finally close the states-wide distance between them and begin a solid relationship, a world pandemic erupts, ripping apart the very fabric of everything Jocelyn holds dear.

No Better Time, Audrey Appenzeller
Jen Turner’s life was hard before the pandemic hit. Now it’s impossible. Shaky job situation. Mounting bills. And a twenty-year old car that’s more rust than metal. As life crumbles around her, Jen discovers help might come from unexpected places.
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We would pray more if we enjoyed it more. But it’s hard. We get distracted and our minds wander. Lost in Prayer is more than a devotional. It’s a tool for guided prayer and meditation on God’s Word. The questions will stimulate your thoughts to enable you to think deeply about the Scriptures, and the prayer prompts will keep your conversation with God moving.

Each day has five sections …

Prepare (Scriptures that will help place your spirit in a good posture for approaching God)

Meditate (The passage for the day with questions to help you think deeply about the meaning and the implications for your life)

Pray for Others (Prompts for praying for family, friends, enemies, authorities, the lost, and more)

Thanksgiving (Guides for how to increase your joy through gratitude)

Take it With You (Call to select one thought from the day’s devotional to carry with you through the day)
The overlooked and often neglected role of housewife may play a large part in our broken society. In "Just" a Housewife, Ann Lindholm explores why this important role must be resurrected to save future generations. From a biblical standpoint, "Just" a Housewife touches every aspect of the role - from homemaking to health, from childrearing to cooking. You won't want to miss the highly sought after recipes at the end either! Hear amazing testimonies regarding her children's miraculous healing and protection in the Family Health chapter. “Sit back, grab a cup, or a pot of coffee,” and join her on the journey of being "Just" a Housewife.
Are you discouraged? Could you do with a Pep talk? Then this book is for you. Do you feel like giving up? Maybe you’re experiencing weariness and ‘spiritual burnout.’ Help is on the way.
Find healing, hope, and inspiration in this collection of encouraging words for Weary Souls. Prayers and Scriptures that offer help and support as you overcome the situations
you face. You do not have to live your life worn out and confused. As you study God’s Word, your questions will be answered. There is comfort for tomorrow. You will want to read this book over and over to find peace amidst your negative circumstances.
Throughout these pages, discover encouragement and strength to carry on. This is the perfect book for Christians looking for straight forward answers.